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OW Founder- Rich Ziehmer


Leaving the West for the East made me realize how much I didn’t just love the West but how much I need the West!  The vast open spaces, the beautiful mountains and the feeling I have when I’m drinking Bourbon or Whiskey at some hole in the wall bar in a small town that was once a part of the Old West is second to none!  In modern times there are so many rules and constraints that it’s hard to truly feel free and alive!  When you’re in a remote part of the west, driving, hunting, etc...you just get a feeling of what it must have been like to be truly free in previous times when life wasn’t so complicated and in many ways lawless! The struggle, the harshness and ruggedness of the land is the beauty!  Out West is a celebration of the west and the freedom it gives you when you embrace it!  It’s a brand that signifies that rugged beauty and honors the hard nosed, bad-ass people that forged the West!  The site provides an escape where people can go to be alive and free, even for just a few minutes a day!  The apparel provides you with the rugged gear to tackle the challenges the land presents.